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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: Forums/Mailing lists Was: Starting a java specs project
Date Sun, 01 Jan 2006 01:17:16 GMT
On 12/30/05, Martin Cooper <> wrote:
> On 12/30/05, Thomas Dudziak <> wrote:
> >
> > On 12/30/05, Martin Cooper <> wrote:
> >
> > > What would Jyve give us that Nabble doesn't do for us already - and
> > without
> > > us having to lift a finger, to boot?
> >
> > My wish would basically be for something that allows a user to use it
> > transparently as a mailing list or forum (whatever the user wants)
> > where in the first case he gets every forum post/mail and can post via
> > mail and, in the latter case has to actively check what's new and has
> > to use the forum UI to post.
> > If both Nabble and Jyve can to this (don't know either one, could you
> > perhaps supply some links ?), then I'd go for the one with the more
> > features :-) E.g. better search, better forum UI (did I say that I
> > really like Spring's forums :-) ).
> From an overall ASF perspective, I'd be more likely to go with the one that
> has less overhead. Nabble is already there, doing the forum thing, and
> completely managed outside of the ASF. Nobody at the ASF has to do anything
> but add new mailing lists to it periodically.

I'm ill with flu, thus the lack of reply to the above.

I'm still operating under the view that it'd be better to have an ASF
hosted forum system and not rely on 3rd parties. The downside of the
third parties are that:

a) we've no control
b) we can't hook it to asylum for private lists [if such a direction
were to happen]
c) non-ASF forums get in the way, so it's more confusing if our sites
are linking over to them
d) no chance of us hooking the forum subscription into the ezmlm
-allow list automatically [not sure if we'd be doing this, but one of
the things we could be doing]

> My understanding (which could be completely wrong ;) is that Jyve would need
> to be installed and managed at the ASF to provide the same kind of
> functionality.

Nah, sounds like they can run it on their servers too, but then I
agree with you about nabble vs gmane vs jyve. The difference with jyve
for me is that we can run it on our servers.

> That means it has infrastructure requirements - hardware,
> software and especially people to maintain it. That being the case, I'd want
> to see a compelling case for Jyve over Nabble, and names of people willing
> to do the work.

Myself and Patrick Lightbody [ex-Jyve developer and Webwork/Struts guy]


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