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From Rana Bhattacharyya <>
Subject Re: FTPServer one more time
Date Fri, 30 Dec 2005 06:02:20 GMT

    I think it is now my time to break the silence. It
is true that the FTPServer immediately needs proper
mentoring. At this point there are only two commiters
(myself and Paul). Few months ago I tried to add few
other commiters. But due to lack of mentoring effort,
it failed. As there are only two commiters, we cannot
vote to add other commiters. So my hands are tied. 

  The project is in Incubator for the last 2/3 years.
But without new commiters, it is not going anywhere.
Whenever I have time, I tried to do something. I think
we should move to some other place where the project
will be more dynamic. The situation is very
frustrating for me as well as for other contributors.

Rana Bhattacharyya

--- Sergey Vladimirov <> wrote:

> Hi, Leo
> 2005/12/27, Leo Simons <>:
> >
> > > If until new year day we have no response from
> infrastructure peolple or
> > > other commiters, project is moved to sf.
> >
> > I'm sorry, but that's just not so likely to fly. I
> think you're going to
> > need
> > to try and "drive" the necessary changes yourself.
> The first step is
> > probably
> > getting a mentor to help out (I suggest nagging
> Rich Bowen or Yoav Shapira
> > privately, apparently they have some cycles for
> this).
> >
> I think, as non-commiter I did more than I should.
> And if this mail list is
> not the place to solve such questions, and apache
> site not provide
> instructions, what to do in such situations (without
> words "probably" and
> "suggest"), then what ASF can give for ftpserver
> community? "Apache"
> trademark?
> For example, in, one can send email to site
> admins and take ownership
> over dead project. Where should I send email here?
> I consider this mail list as last hope for
> ftpproject on ASF.
> --
> Sergey Vladimirov

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