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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: Harmony Podlling Quarterly Report
Date Sun, 31 Jul 2005 13:57:57 GMT
On 7/31/05, Geir Magnusson Jr. <> wrote:

> > IMHO the whole concept of a default license for a mailing list is
> > problematic. it's hard to see how we could ensure that users have
> > given knowing consent.
> Well, you won't be able to subscribe without seeing it, 

would the legalize be in the subscription message?

(the one posted back to your email address)

> and the monthly reminders should help.  We should also put a footer on each
> message.

also need to be careful about moderation and think about mail-to-news bridges. 

> > with the ASL2, apache is covered through the license but AIUI this
> > does not extend to sublicensing?
> Sure it does.

my mistake :)
> > . personally speaking, i do not accept
> > new files contributed through the lists which do not have the ASL2
> > boiler plate at the top. this way is common at apache.
> We won't either, and we probably won't from the mailing list anyway -
> we'd ask that this kind of contribution is made through JIRA.


> > it is very
> > difficult to see how a user posting code with a specific license to a
> > mailing list is given knowing consent for that license to be removed
> > and replaced by a different license by a third party. it all seems a
> > little fuzzy legally.
> I'm not quite sure what you are talking about here.

i was thinking about new files with an ASL boiler plate at the top but
if these are going to accepted via JIRA then this isn't an issue.

- robert

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