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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject Incubator 2005Q3 Status Report to the ASF Board
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2005 20:54:22 GMT
Status report for the Apache Incubator Project

The Incubator continues to see good progress in a number of projects and
their communities, with more projects graduating to TLP status, or to
existing TLPs.

IP issues continue to be a major aspect of life in the Incubator.  We
welcome Cliff Schmidt's appointment as VP of Legal Affairs, and look forward
to his help.  Congratulations, Cliff.

Aa number of new projects have entered the Incubator, with a corresponding
increase in the Incubator PMC.  The Incubator PMC has established the policy
that an ASF Member who is a Mentor or Committer on an Incubator project is
automatically entitled to be on the Incubator PMC pending acceptance by the
Member and board notification.

Continued thanks to our manual ForrestBot, David Crossley, for helping to
keep the web site built, and to others contributing their time.

                           - 0 -

The list of projects in the Incubator is at  Here are the STATUS reports from the
PPMCs.  Several projects are missing, as noted below, and are again

Status Report for Apollo

Status Report from the Agila PPMC

Agila has been moving slowly, but there is clear interest with the
addition of the Twister project, a pure BPEL engine, and the addition
of a new Agila committer, Chris Lim.  There are other individuals we
are looking at.

At ApacheCon EU, we were approached by another workflow engine that
would consider coming to the project.  As our goal is to build a
strong workflow/BPM community, this was welcomed and I look forward
to some follow-up

It's clear I need to dedicate some additional time to Agila, both in
code and community.

Status Report for AltRMI

Status Report from the Beehive PPMC

[Note: Beehive is currently preparing to ask for TLP status]

Beehive did a 1.0m1 incubating milestone release on June 6/2005.  With
the recent finalization of JSR-181 (Annotated Java Web Services) and
its associated TCK, the wheels are turning to get Beehive certified as
181 compliant.

The big news, we're in the middle of a vote to graduate from the
Incubator to TLP status.  We are well poised to do a 1.0 final release
should that vote pass.

There has been increased traffic on the dev list, and we're seeing
ongoing interest from other projects (Geronimo, Struts, etc) in a
variety of forums -- a session at JavaOne a few weeks ago was well
attended.  We are also in the midst of a vote for a new committer.

Status Report from the Derby PPMC

[Note: Derby is about to leave the Incubator, and enter the DB PMC]

Here is what Derby has been up to in Q2 (April-June).

Derby added Tomohito Nakayama as a new committer.
[Early Q3 note: two more committers were added and derby-dev is voting
on another.]

Plans were completed for a 10.1 incubator release and candidate jars
were made available for testing and review.  [Early Q3 note: the vote
passed for the candidate and Andrew McIntyre requested permission from to make it available as an incubator release.]

The Derby community is thriving. Today shows that the
derby-dev list is up to 225 subscribers and derby-user up to 322 (both
figures include digest subscribers).

There is heavy development activity on both the code front and the doc

Many code challenges are being worked on via the derby-dev list and the
number of Derby developers working on Jira issues has increased to 36
(the number in the derby-developers Jira group).

One doc challenge is how to make a DITA stylesheet, which is under the
CPL license, available on to improve the
format of the html documentation. A Derby mentor advised asking the
author if he would be willing to license that particular file to the ASF
under the Apache License. It turns out the DITA Toolkit team is
interested in releasing the Toolkit itself under the Apache license, and
hopefully all details will get worked out in Q3.

Status Report for FtpServer

Status Report from the Graffito PPMC

* The main news in this quarter is that we have expanded the committer
  base beyond the original contributors with the addition of Oliver
  Kiessler and Sandro Boehme.

* Both are busily working on building support for JCR (through

* Work is also underway to use Graffito as a native CMS engine
  in Jetspeed 2.

Status Report from the Harmony PPMC

In it's first month+ of existence, Harmony has attracted quite a bit
of attention, and we are now settling down to resolve some of the
issues we've identified in the beginning.  We have on our website our
proposed policy framework to monitor contributions and technology
contributions.  This policy is in addition to the standard ASF policy
and we do not believe that it will cause any concerns.  It will be
posted for review by the Apache Incubator PMC before it goes into
effect, but we're working to get the last nips and tucks done.

On the technology side, there's been a slow start, in part due to the
contribution framework getting established, but I plan to push hard
for contributions now that we're almost done and people can get a
sense of how things work.

We have the following outstanding issue that I will be talking to the
Apache Incubator PMC about - parts of the community have asked that
we change our default license for mail list contributions to a
license compatible with the GPL, as the Apache License is deemed
incompatible by the FSF.  It's in our interest to ensure that we can
have the broadest participation possible, but also recognize that we
wish to balance that with the aspects of the Apache License that are
important to us.  Expect more on this soon.

Status Report for Hermes

Status Report from the Jackrabbit PPMC

Jackrabbit has attracted public interest from many different
projects, both open source and commercial in nature, and has over
250 people reading the developer list.  During the past quarter
we added one new committer, Edgar Poce, and cleared the minimum
threshold of three independent committers.

The big news is that JCR, the Content Repository for Java
Technology 1.0 API, has been completed by the JSR 170 expert group
and received final approval from the J2SE/EE executive committee
at the end of May.  We are currently working on restructuring the
Jackrabbit project directories in preparation of an eagerly
anticipated first release candidate and passing the official TCK,
at which point we are hoping to graduate from Incubator to
TLP status for the 1.0 release.

Status Report from the JDO PPMC

New committers were added to the project: Matthew Adams, Xcalia; Erik
Bengtson, JPOX. We might have a quorum of independent committers: Sun,
Xcalia, JPOX, tech@spree although I'd like to see more commit action from

JIRA accounts have been set up for everyone who needs them.

The API sub-project has been synchronized with the latest version of the
specification. The TCK sub-project is about 80% complete. Still lacks full
testing for O/R mapping and detached objects.

The Apache JDO web site is now active at

Status Report regarding Juice

Juice: Still no signs of life. We need to decide how/when to shut this down.

Status Report regarding log4net

Status Report regarding log4php

Status Report regarding lucene4c

The implementation strategy has been changed from a pure C port to
wrapping a C library around a GCJ compiled version of the Java code,
and we've added a new committer (Paul Querna).  Unfortunately
progress has slowed recently due to "Real Life (tm)", but hopefully
it will pick up again soon.

Status Report regarding Muse

Status Report regarding Oscar

Just getting started.  Has a number of IP and external community issues to

Status Report from the Roller PPMC

Development status

- Work is proceeding on Roller 2.0, which will be ready in August. The
main (and possibly only) new feature of Roller 2.0 will be group
blogging support -- this is a big feature and requires a very large
number of changes to the code base and user interface
- Work is proceeding on Roller 1.3, which will be ready this month. The
main feature will be better theme management.
- Roller 1.2 was released from Java.Net as a totally non-Apache
release, but using code from the Apache incubator's Subversion
repository (we hope to do the same thing for 1.3, but that's up for

Licensing issues

Roller requires several LGPL components and we're working to resolve
LGPL issues. We have been discussing this challenging issue in depth,
here is a summary of the apparent consensus:

- We hope that ASF will come to some agreement with either FSF or
Hibernate folks which will allow us to continue to use Hibernate
- We are investigating ways to download our dependencies at
build/install time, so that we don't have to distribute LGPL jars (but
other work is taking priority right now)
- We're willing to wait out the LGPL issue for a reasonable period of
time, as long as there is some way for us to continue to make releases
to our existing user community

Infrastructure issues

- Roller code base has been moved into the Apache incubator's
  Subversion archive
- Roller project is now using Apache incubator dev and user mailing
- A draft of our STATUS file has been created and is ready for review
  by mentor
- We're not listed on any of the incubator pages yet (can we fix this?)

Status Report from the STDCXX PPMC

stdcxx: Mailing lists have been created, initial accounts have been created
for the stdcxx committers (where CLAs have been received), and Subversion
directories have been created.  Roy has just sent the 'welcome' email to
stdcxx-dev@.  In other words, real progress can be made now.

As always, others can feel free to chime in and add their comments about
stdcxx's progress.

Status Report regarding TSIK

[Note: TSIK is still pending these issues]

TSIK: We have a few conf calls lined up with Microsoft this week.
Engaged with Jeff Thomson from IBM on legal-discuss. Nothing else
happening. Infra work is done. Need paperwork from Verisign (after
wrapping up discussions with MSFT/IBM)

Status Report regarding Woden

Status Report regarding WSRP4J

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