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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject Incubation progress of JDO podling
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2005 04:17:03 GMT


As being an observer in the JDO incubating project, I want to let other 
members of the Incubator to know that;

1. The collaboration aspect of the technical sides has been handled perfectly. 
Jira issues are posted, mailing list are used to discuss various approaches, 
consensus styled decisions and a high rate of progress.

2. Community-wise things are slightly less rosy. The people at Sun and 
Tech@Spree are doing a great job on pushing the technical side of this 
project, but probably uncertain on how to engage more people effectively. I 
think the immense speed of the project is probably a deterent, and not really 
a fault of the project or people in it per se. Also, I think the effective 
split with the sister project, is making the participation looking 
smaller than it really is.

Craig, Michelle, Michael^2 and everyone else; I think you have adjusted well 
to the Apache Way (after a shaky start :o)  ) and keep up the good work. 
Please note that from a Incubator graduation point of view, finishing the 
"product" is secondary. Getting more helping hands from a diversity of people 
is priority.

Other important items missing;

 * The Incubator project page does not contain the JDO project. (Is that the 
responsibility of the incubating project or the Incubator?) 

 * There is no STATUS file produced. It should go into

I hope this will further the incubating process of this exciting project :o)

Niclas Hedhman

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