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From Steve Krenek <>
Subject help wanted?
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2005 15:12:14 GMT
Hello all,
  I am a software developer new to this list, looking to become
involved in the Apache world.  I have read the "About" documents on
the incubator and still have a few questions.  If I missed any of the
questions somewhere on the web site I apologize for repeating them,
and would be happy to read their answers online if someone could
provide a link.

Aside from watching mailing lists for specific projects, what is the
best way to get involved on a project?

Is there a "Help Wanted" section in the incubator?  I don't have a
favorite project to watch, but am more interested in helping out with
projects that are most in need of assistance.

What are the requirements of a committer with respect to technical
qualifications, etc?

What roles other than that of a committer are needed?


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