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Subject Re: [Agila] assigning tasks to groups of users
Date Tue, 09 Nov 2004 15:13:52 GMT
On 9 Nov 2004, at 14:54, Jeremy Boynes wrote:
> wrote:
>> On 8 Nov 2004, at 18:53, Jeremy Boynes wrote:
>>> I think we may be in violent agreement here :-)
>>> I think we should add some type of collective entity, I just 
>>> hesitate to call it a Group as that tends to be associated with a 
>>> specific model ( a relatively static set of users and other groups). 
>>> Call it Assignee or something and allow for more dynamic models :-)
>> Cool; I'll submit a patch.
>> Assignee sounds a bit vague; how about Workgroup, Role or Team?
> That kind of leaves out the poor old individual user but I agree 
> Assignee is a weak name - better than "ThingToAssignTheTaskTo" I guess 
> although that could be refactored later :-)


> Given those, Role would be my choice although that tends to get 
> overloaded as well. I have seen "Role" used by a few different 
> business communities so it may fit their world view well.


How about adding another word to make it more specific - WorkflowRole, 
WorkGroup or ActivityGroup or something?


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