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Subject [PATCH][Agila] support for associating tasks to groups of users and supporting user lock/unlock of task
Date Wed, 24 Nov 2004 11:51:11 GMT
Attached is a patch, including the previous DAO refactoring patch (to 
make providing alternative persistence implementations easy, which 
never seemed to get through the mail list) which adds support for 
associating tasks with groups of users and providing methods to query 
tasks associated with a group that are available and to lock/unlock 
tasks for a specific user.

So the idea is that tasks can be associated with exact users as before 
- or they can be associated with a Group of users. The definition of 
what users are in what groups is left outside of Agila - so any 
mechanism can be chosen - using LDAP, a custom database schema, 
business rules etc.

Then if the app/user wishes, the user can grab tasks that are 
associated with a group they are in and 'lock' it (that is associating 
the task with the user in question) so that others don't attempt to 
work with the task. Or they can unlock it - which just disassociates 
the task from the user and gives it back to the group.

The change is pretty trivial (the DAO patch was way bigger), which just 
adds a new column to bpm_task and 3 new JDBC operations (lock/unlock 
and find tasks by groups).

I don't see a way of getting SVN to include new files in patches, so 
apologies if I've missed a new file off of this patch.

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