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From "Sean Hamblett" <>
Subject Re: Names & Projects
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2003 14:52:42 GMT

Isn't Geronimo something you yell when you jump out of a 


  Aaron Mulder <> wrote:
>	On the naming front, IMHO the best we came up with for 
>the same 
>sort of project back in the days of Olliance was 
>"Jarbanzo", but we 
>eventually settled on something lame like "Enterprise App 
>Server".  I also 
>kicked around "Orbital" (as in, it runs circles around 
>XxxSphere... :)  
>Geronimo isn't too bad, though it may be tricky to get 
>the boss to bet the 
>farm on it.
>	On the project front, am I correct that the goal is to 
>other projects wherever possible and only build when 
>strictly necessary?  
>If there is going to be building going on, I assume there 
>will be separate 
>areas for the "core server and interfaces" and the 
>various imported 
>projects or "built" subprojects?
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