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From Vic Cekvenich <>
Subject Re: Marc Fleury reacts (Fw: [JBoss-dev] July 2003 news)
Date Sat, 09 Aug 2003 02:46:52 GMT

> Keep your FUD to yourself -- it is not welcome here. Especially when you
> have no facts.
> -g

I think this is beeing rushed, and the process looks diferent then the 
process for Tapestry into incubator for example, where there was a 
public vote; and I think Incubator had a process documemented someplace.
Sun is on the ASF board I think? (I think there is a way to vote on that 
as well)
And there is some issues btwn Jboss and Sun, now ASF is in taking sides 
(and taking the wrong side I think).
If I had more I would mention it , but there are other threads:

It makes little sense to me to do this in this way, so I am just looking 
at how the wind is blowing. For now I just am saying this is wild guess. 
The comunity is not asking for EJB, that I know of. I hope for ASF to be 
OS centric and not vendor centric (ASSuME-ing I guessed right)

More on how close Sun/ASF are:

There are many others in this mail list that voiced concrened, so it 
would behove the board to consider the input.


(recently, I switched my project from ASF license to )

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