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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] An Apache J2EE server project
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 14:00:38 GMT

On Thu, 7 Aug 2003, Vic Cekvenich wrote:

> (Note: I am not a comitter, but a user)
> -1
> Here is why:

<teasing-flame>Links to conversation between Andrew Oliver and Jon Stevens
is like linking to an argument on TSS between Fleury and

> And I am with JBoss on this, you can't just fork the code.
> ( )

Geronimo had nothing to do with elba.

Also, nothing wrong with elba forking the code. That's open source at
work. What would be wrong would be Geronimo using elba, as elba must be

Geronimo is a different product to JBoss. JBoss is 'free-software' with
all the viral/GNU trappings. Geronimo will be 'open-source-software',
with all the useful-in-commercial environments/BSD trappings.

> No need for complexia :
> Users want KISS. No need for an EJB project.

Not doing a project because a proportion of the developer community do not
believe in it is not a good reason.

I do not believe in JSF/Struts' MVC Model 2 crap. So let's scrap those

> (did anyone vote? This is not regular)

Regular for what? I'm sure incubation rules are being followed with
Geronimo. The only criticism in how things have been done with Gerry is
that the announcement was perhaps too inviting and that Geronimo is not a
Jakarta project.

> .V
> ps:
> I think ASF endoring SUN's EJB, makes no sense now, to late.
> vs:
> They are trading near liquidation, the value of cash in bank.

Coding Java is not dependent on Sun's commercial position, or are you
suggesting we should switch to C# because Sun look so weak?


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