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From Jason Hunter <>
Subject Re: Marc Fleury reacts (Fw: [JBoss-dev] July 2003 news)
Date Sun, 10 Aug 2003 07:28:31 GMT
> Its even more interesting that the TCK may not be available for Jetspeed!
> (Sun has chosen for this JSR to be under the JCP 2.1 process as opposed to
> 2.5).
> I was intrigued how my Microphone was cut during the "Independent look at
> the Java Community Process" (formerly "Why The JCP is better than Open
> Source"), when I attempted to query on this issue despite the objection of
> Jason Hunter. (I have witnesses)

Huh?  Are you taking a swipe at me?  Must you see a conspiracy in 
everything, from the members vote to how your microphone works to how I 
try to answer your question?

BTW the original title was a question "Better than Open Source?" and 
actually a title proposed by Danese Cooper of Sun who's probably their 
biggest open source advocate.  She was overruled by people who thought 
"open sourcers" would think the title was claiming the JCP to be better, 
ironically exactly like you did.


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