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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: Current License Grant document
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 09:42:17 GMT
In short: practice patience, you'll be told when you can start doing stuff
with cvs.

Jason Dillon wrote:

> Do you know how one can check to see if the CLA has been received  
> and/or if accounts have been created yet?

Jim Jagielski (the ASF secretary, among other things) keeps records of that.
He maintains a page,, where all
committers in cursive have not sent in a CLA. But that page is somewhat
outdated atm I believe, so the actual answer is usually "ask Jim".

There's also a cvs module that contains more up-to-date information to which
(I think) all ASF members (which I'm not) have access.

>   I am waiting to get the  initial build structure checked in for 
> geronimo, but I am not sure what  the status of these things are.

Since Jim is one of the sponsoring members, IIRC, I suspect he'll handle 
for you. After that, he or one of your other sponsors will work with the
infrastructure team to get your accounts setup. Then everyone on the 
project team will get notified when their accounts have been created.

Until then, the only people with access are

geirm, jstrachan, ceki, gstein, jim

(and all apache peeps with cvs admin priviledges of course,
since they can add themselves).

patience, my friends, patience :D


- Leo

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