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From "Gusti Benawi" <>
Subject Re: FTP client validation question
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2006 12:42:31 GMT
> I'm not sure I understand why you need to use all these steps. All you
> need are a standard JKS keystore and truststore. FtpServer uses the
> normal JSSE support in the JRE so I don't believe we do anything funky
> (but I might be missing something).
you said what i need is a standard keystore and truststore.
IIRC, truststore is a file in which certificate of the clients are saved?

Also in the ftp configuration, i can define where the keystore file should be used, but there
is no option for truststore, so where is this supposed to be done?

If the server need the client-authentication, what is the server expecting to receive from
the client? i tried to set the client to feed it a file containing private key and certificate
in pem format, which is already imported in the keystore, but it i have no luck at all.

Since Rana wrote that the client-authentication has not been tested at all, could it be that
the client-authentication does not work as it is expected at all?

thank you in advance,

Gusti Benawi

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