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From Peter Ent <>
Subject Re: Flex Design view removed
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2012 17:13:51 GMT
I've used Flex since its inception and I have always used Design View to
begin a new MXML component. As a pretty seasoned UI developer, having a
visual tool that lets me quickly sketch a component made it much easier to
get started. I would think this would be especially true for new-comers.

The Apache Flex project enables us to get a fresh start and develop our
own Design tool. It may be not integrated with an IDE, but I don't think
that matters too much. I don't know about you, but I always have several
development tools open at once, so this wouldn't be anything different
from the way I normally work.

Imagine if the tool created an XML file with layout and style information
in a language-agnostic format. We could write a set of ActionScript
classes to load this file at runtime and dynamically build the UI (I did
something very much like this for an Adobe project called "Mosaic").
Further, you could have a set of these files - one for each type of device
or situation the app supported - and load the appropriate one: one app,
multiple looks (even supporting I18N).

So rather than focus on the past and what Adobe has (or has not) done, we
could look to the future and develop something better that (tries to
anyway) avoids a number of pitfalls from previous versions.

Peter Ent
Flex SDK Team
Adobe Systems

On 12/13/12 11:51 AM, "Miguel Vaz" <> wrote:

>I second the opinion that the design view is valuable to the IDE. Being a
>seasoned flex developer, this is not an opinion from a newbie.
>Advantages of the Design View (DV):
>For newcomers:
>- Easy gateway to the flex way of things;
>- Invaluable for small projects with a deadline in the near past (this one
>applies to both new and experienced devs).
>For experienced devs (my personal experience):
>- Easy jumpstart to simple projects;
>- Easy jumpstart to not so simple projects - even if it implies some
>cleanup afterwards - we can have a moderately working mockup up and
>much more easily if we use the DV;
>- Facilitates navigation - like someone already mentioned, we switch to
>click on a component, switch back to Code View(CV) to have the cursor on
>the appropriate line;
>- I can get halfway coding a project, but somewhere along the line, i
>always use DV for something, from aligment or some other minor stupidity;
>- DV can add some lag (seconds), but i never noticed it being anywhere
>troublesome or to interfere with work;
>- Again, like someone else said, Design View exists in all major languages
>IDEs and, no matter how you look at it, it IS a marketing fishhook;
>- Hardcore code ninjas surely think DV is obsolete, but its undeniable
>it has its place and importance on a full fledged IDE product;
>- Adobe keeps making these weird marketing decisions to my amazement and
>screwing many people's coding lives and love for flex.
>This is merely my personal opinion. And to me is one more small thing to
>add to the slow poisoning of flex. I had other things to add, but quite
>honestly, i cant remember them right now. :-P
>Miguel Vaz
>On Thu, Dec 13, 2012 at 4:30 PM, Jeffry Houser
>> On 12/13/2012 3:32 AM, Devesh Mishra wrote:
>>> I am agree with Swen. He has given only one example here, but there are
>>> so many things which will be difficult now from a developer point of
>>> without DV.
>>  The bulk of developers never use design view.  I know I don't.
>>  I do not expect Adobe to step to fill the void; however if you want
>> Apache Flex to take up the charge, there are two ways:
>> 1) Open a bug / feature request in the Jira bug base and get a lot of
>> people to vote on it
>> 2) Build one yourself--possibly offering to donate that code to Apache
>> Flex.
>>  The second is more preferable.
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