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From Hordur Thordarson <>
Subject Re: Flex Design view removed
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2012 11:22:35 GMT
Well, I think the loss of the design view significantly reduces Flex's chances of bringing
in new devs.  For building forms based applications (DB frontends and such), the DV really
speeds up the development process.

For me the DV, allthough not always problem free, provides the following benefits over MXML
hand coding:
- I don't have to run my app to see the basics of how my view looks.  Any app other than smth
very simple takes time to start up and then you have to navigate through the app to see your
window/view.  This slows down view design significantly.
- I can have inexperienced (read: less expensive) devs or designers design the views for an
app because they can design without knowing how to code and run the app and find the view
they are working on within the app.
- Prototyping is a blast.
- It is simply just much easier/faster to do some things with a GUI than to handcode them
in MXML.  Vice versa applies too, of course, which is why it was so great to be able to jump
back and forth between design view and code view.

Every half-decent dev environment has a design view for the language/SDK it uses be it Java
Swing, JavaFX, Visual Basic, .Net, Delphi, C++ Builder, etc....  No design view means that
it is much harder for those unfamiliar with a too to get started and to build something visible.



On 13.12.2012, at 10:41, Chris Curnow wrote:

> I agree with Marcus.
> I come from an environment in which there is no equivalent of the code view - everything
is designed by placing objects on the form. 
> It was beautiful to come over to Flex and be able to create an place objects on the fly.
> I really found I hardly ever used the DV and when I did, it was really clunky. I ended
up creating the objects in code and then running the app to see what they looked like.
> The only thing someone mentioned was drag and drop onto a data grid, but hey that's such
a tiny bonus I'd happily do without it.
> regards
> Chris
> Chris Curnow | | | ph: +613 9866 8999
> On 13/12/2012, at 9:35 PM, Marcus Fritze <> wrote:
>> To be honest, I am really happy that the design view was removed from FB. Design
view is maybe nice for small projects. But when your project gets bigger and bigger the design
view is always a pain. When I load a mxml in my flash builder, the editor hangs circa 3 seconds
while loading the design view for this mxml file. This happens even in the code-view!
>> Am 13.12.2012 um 07:57 schrieb Devesh Mishra <>:
>>> Has Flex design view been removed from the next release ?

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