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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: What is the general perception of Apache Flex and Flash in mid 2012?
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2012 08:02:36 GMT

> to mention the dependecy on the FlashPlayer which is a). not open source
The Flash Player dependancy may be a concern long term, but the current direction the Flash
Player going in should help performance and capabilities of Flex.
For instance it will be interesting to see how web workers (threading) can be integrated into
the Flex framework.

> b). going the game route with explicit statements by Adobe that it might
> not be backwards compatible with the Flex sdk
I wouldn't be too sure on that. The intended plan that that when they create a new version
of ActionScript it will run in a new VM in the Flash Player. (Exactly the same way as AS2
code runs in the Flash Player today). It would however be up to Apache Flex to work on making
Flex compatible with any new version of the Flash Player that is released. Currently that's
not any major effort and it has been compiled for and has limited testing with version 11.2
and 11.3.

>  It looks to me like a cross compiler to HTML / javascript is the
> most important and viable road to take at the moment.
I'm also interested to see what happens on this front.

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