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From "Desai, Ashish S" <>
Subject RE: What is the general perception of Apache Flex and Flash in mid 2012?
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2012 15:26:30 GMT
Decoupling flex framework from Adobe runtimes is amazing idea; however would that not require
building direct flex-framework to browser compatibility from ground up.  By then major enterprises
would have converted to other technologies if we do not have right communication on our plan.

While I am not at all against Flex (because it's without doubt amazing), but thinking about
it, I wouldn't say that it's wrong to think about migration to HTML if we don't have clear
vision on what the future is like.

Agreed that for next few years enterprises are not upgrading their Operating systems to Windows
8 or OS X. But, a million dollar question that haunts us, what if they do? There has to be
a mitigation plan, no?

So the point is, we as an active Apache Flex community, must publicly communicate the possibilities
like the beautiful decoupling ideas and re-gain trust so that Major OS providers are compelled
to continuing to support the runtimes or at-least come with alternatives.

And sure, we are happy to open a dialog.


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From: Jeffry Houser [] 
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2012 10:58 AM
Subject: Re: What is the general perception of Apache Flex and Flash in mid 2012?

On 6/27/2012 10:24 AM, Desai, Ashish S wrote:
> I think there is a lack of trust among big enterprises investing in Flex, on the survival
story of Flash/Flex. While it is true that for large complex projects Action Script and Flex
are the best platforms, the future of Flash/Flex lies in major OS vendors providing support
for the Flash Player Runtime.
   Or the future of Flex could like in decoupling the Flex Framework from the Adobe runtimes
of Flash Player and AIR.

> There has to be a road-map to get off Flex and build in other technologies and frameworks
to mitigate the risk of the unknown future of flex.

  Apache doesn't really work on the "Roadmap" route.  The Flex project is "Staffed" with a
bunch of volunteers with differing commitments and priorities.  That is different from a formal
product from a public corporation.  For all intents and purposes. we do want we want.

> I think the first line of defense would be for Apache Flex to get into dialog with Apple,
Google, and Microsoft on the support of Flash Player Plugins and Runtimes.
  And how can we help you with that?

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