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From Carol Frampton <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Apache Flex SDK Installer 2.0 - RC2
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2013 14:18:37 GMT

On 1/4/13 1 :12AM, "" <>

>I've read through some of the previous threads on this and the config xml
>and I don't know what was decided if anything. What I'd want to see in it
>is default to downloading the latest Flash Player, AIR and playerglobal
>swc. Is there are any reasons to have previous versions? I'm guessing
>they're needed for testing with Mustella (which I haven't had time to get
>into)? If so can there be a dropdown list to select the versions we want?
>The config xml could contain the list of options. If we host that list on
>the server we could always be up to date (or have the option to pull down
>new or different configs).

I think we've already discussed this.  The problem I see with offering all
the options is that it implies they all work in any combination.  I don't
think we have the person-power to do all that testing.


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