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From Carol Frampton <>
Subject Re: We need your help testing Flex 4.9 with various Flash Player versions
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2012 19:18:43 GMT
>Also, right now I think that there might be some changes to mustella in
>develop branch that haven't been sync'd over to release 4.9.  Step 0 in
>future should be to run mustella on the develop branch before cutting the
>release branch.
>My recipe (on Win, will try to run Mac tonight):
>-Download the RC.
>-Unzip to a folder (c:\apacheflex4.9).

This will become sdk.dir in mustella/ seen in a later step

>-Change the if you are trying different player version

Alternatively run ant with --Dplayerglobal.version=11.1 -Dlocale=en_AU
[targets] with version and locale replaced with whatever you want.

>-Setup the required environment variables

If you use, sync develop/mustella/build.xml and set in the sdk.dir (c:\apacheflex4.9).  Prior to the bug fix I
just made you would have to set in develop.

>-Make sure FLASHPLAYER_DEBUGGER environment variable is pointing to right
>player if you are using a different player version
>-run ant main checkintests
>-Set FLEX_HOME environment variable to the folder
>(FLEX_HOME=c:/apacheflex4.9).  Note the forward slash for Cygwin.

I don't think this is needed.  sdk.dir/bin/mxmlc will use the directory it
is in for FLEX_HOME if FLEX_HOME isn't set

>-Change to develop branch's mustella folder
>-Uncomment and edit to point sdk.dir to c:/apacheflex4.9

[optional] In the mustella directory run "ant echo-info" to check sdk.dir
and FLASHPLAYER_DEBUGGER are what you think they should be.

>-run ./ -all
>-run ./ -failures -rerun
>HTTP server (assumes port 80, if you need to use 8080, then add
>-addArg=-include=Localhost8080 to mustella runs.
>Alex Harui
>Flex SDK Team
>Adobe Systems, Inc.

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