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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: We need your help testing Flex 4.9 with various Flash Player versions
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2012 20:30:17 GMT

On 12/18/12 12:21 PM, "Om" <> wrote:
> If we want to just get it out the door (I am not sure why we'd want to do
> it that way), we should update the README to not say we support these other
> flash player versions.
I was thinking we'd have more general language that various combinations
have been tried and are known to work.
>>> Once an RC is cut, individuals are free to test on whatever
>> platform/flash
>>> player version/AIR version they want and indicate that in their +1 or -1
>>> vote for the RC.
>> And because the RC does not have its own copy of the mustella tests, you
>> have to use the recipe I described below if you plan to test the RC with
>> mustella.
> Sounds like a bad idea.  We dont lock the develop branch.  What if someone
> changes the tests in develop that make it incompatible with the code in the
> RC that was cut.
Lately, I've been thinking that mustella is stable enough to be centralized
instead of having a copy in each branch.  We'd have to have some facility
for dealing with branch-specific tests, but the vast majority is stable
enough to only need a single copy.  It would probably make us less likely to
make incompatible changes going forward as well.

>>> Then let us all switch to testing the develop branch first on various
>>> combinations before cutting the release branch.
>> If Justin agrees to this plan, I will try to sync up the release branch's
>> mustella tests.  It will take a while as I will need to make sure that
>> mustella change aren't tied to develop branch checkins. And I'll have to
>> run
>> the mini_run -all on the release branch overnight.
> I would say that it is up to him (Justin, your thoughts?)  I am all for
> releasing sooner than later, but we need to follow the steps in the right
> order.  I would say the right order is:
> a) Test with all versions of runtimes we want to support - on the develop
> branch
> b) Fix issues as necessary
> c) If we decide that a certain version of flash player is too costly to
> support indicate that we dont support it in the README (hopefully we drop
> the older versions first)
> d) Cut a release branch
> c) Test release branch with preferred version (ex. FP 11.4 + AIR 3.4)
> d) Cut an RC
> e) Folks test src and binary kits with real projects (and not necessarily
> Mustella tests) and whatever runtimes they want to work with.
That is in theory, the correct order, but IMO, we should just test a few
combinations and vote.

Alex Harui
Flex SDK Team
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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