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From Peter Ent <>
Subject Re: Question about Flex future and performance
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2012 15:26:30 GMT
Regarding remoting, all of that is handled by the Flash Player; Flex just
had a wrapper around it. I'm not aware of any Flex-specific remote
interface APIs. This means you can do data driven, remote, apps in
Starling. I can't speak for the GPU rendering/performance issues except to
say Flex does have some access to Stage3D items via StageText and
StageVideo, but they are a little awkward to use from Flex.

Peter Ent
Flex SDK Team
Adobe Systems

On 12/17/12 10:17 AM, "Lists" <> wrote:

>Hi everyone,
>I' m writing data driven Server connected mobile apps with Flash Builder
>PHP in Flex, AS3 and PHP.
>A field which is currently more or less underrated and canceled by Adobe
>(see announcements and update behavior for Flash Builder).
>Thre are a couple of performance boost- options out there (gpu rendering).
>But only for AS3, Starling, game development.
>I found no tutorials how to develop data driven apps (incl. remoting) with
>Starling/Feathers/AS3 instead of Flex.
>This is very disapointing since this could be a real milestone for serious
>mobile apps (not only for gaming).
>Are there any options for Flex-development reaching better performance/
>better frame rates?
>I mean see this:
>Why the hell is Adobe talking about 60 fps for game development only,
>other/better solutions were there?
>OpenPlug is dead, but are there any survived techniques for
>c u stevie

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