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From Frank Wienberg <>
Subject Re: [ASJS] Some information on "templates"
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2012 23:27:41 GMT
On Fri, Dec 7, 2012 at 12:01 AM, Michael Schmalle

> Frank,
> I'm working on the compiler but I am far from anybody that knows about how
> to code javascript or get is from as to js right.
> I am very good at the getting it done part when I know what needs to be
> done.
> I can do fine when people are telling me what they need, I can make that
> happen. (in respect to cross compiling javascript)
> How do you propose helping "design" the output and possibly integrating
> code you have already written?

To get more concrete, why not starting a first iteration trying to get
Falcon to generate code in the Jangaroo Runtime "DSL" format, and use the
Jangaroo runtime as-is? I love prototypes with a visible, executable result!
You said you already had a look at Jangaroo's JSCodeGenerator class and
found it quite straight-forward, so porting that to visit a Falcon AST
could be a starting point.
Do we just have the AST of the current compilation unit, or do we have
access to a "class repository" as well? We need the latter to produce some
of the advanced Jangaroo runtime features. For example, we need to resolve
inherited members to add "this." when needed.

When we got the basic language features up and running, we could continue
with merging our approach with Erik's Google-Closure-friendly output and
see what happens.

> Keep in mind you are talking to a relative child here in relation to your
> knowledge and understanding of how your framework works and how it could be
> applied.
> I guess I'm asking for a little "hand holding" from you so we can get off
> on the right start and get things implemented.
Same holds true for me when it comes to getting started with developing on
Apache Flex, in particular the as-js branch you talked about, so I'd need
help there...

> Remember, your already part of the team with what you have given us so far
> regarding information and javascript, not to mention years of experience
> with all of this! :)

Thank you! Glad if I can help. You see, it is of course in our own interest
that a) ActionScript/Flex survives and works on HTML5/JavaScript platforms
(well I think the latter is a precondition of the former!), and b) the way
JavaScript is generated is to a great extent similar to / compatible with
what we do. We have a large code base of ActionScript code that is meant to
run directly in the browser and use JavaScript libraries (here: Ext JS),
and we would be glad if we could replace our development tools by Apache
Flex in the future!


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