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From Daniel Wasilewski <>
Subject Re: [FalconJx] New JavaScript runtime format prototype
Date Fri, 21 Dec 2012 23:19:10 GMT
I was trying hard to get the best performing framework in AS3 ever. 
Pushing platform to its limits. And I made it happen.
I made it the faster AS3 framework ever. Maybe broken few rules, maybe 
is not pure MVC, However,

Let this picture speak for itself.

With a right approach it is possible to write JS that performs better 
than Flash Player these days. With a pure JS you can get even better 
performance on IE and Opera as well as mobile devices. Writing code to 
be optimised for one particular browser will always favour one solution 
over another, and put that only solution forward. Lets not get involved 
in browser wars. This is completely different subject. But even so, all 
4 major browser players can outperform flash player, or at least match 
it. Do not ruin this opportunity establishing JS output for Flex.

With all respect, all the talks on this subject just convinced me more 
to continue my work on BixBite project, because I can't see flex to 
compete in near future.


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