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From Daniel Wasilewski <>
Subject Re: [FalconJx] Prototype ActionScript -> JavaScript compiler code up in svn
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2012 23:24:37 GMT
I can see one adventage of BURM.

When you have an IDE and you expect to see changes in runtime live. It 
will be always faster to go from particular leaf up to the root, just to 
update small chunk, instead traversing entire tree. But in a case when 
you just need to translate entire structure once... no way BURM will be 

On 12/14/2012 6:43 PM, Michael Schmalle wrote:
> Quoting Alex Harui <>:
>>>> We are definitely in prototype/research mode and different angles 
>>>> should be
>>>> investigated.  The key to the "Apache Way" is that if we have to make
>>>> choices in deciding what to ship, it should be done on technical 
>>>> merit.
>>> What context are you speaking from? compiler, js framework?
>> In theory, everything in Apache is decided on technical merit. If your
>> version of AS to JS turns out to be faster and easier to maintain, it 
>> will
>> win.
>> It will be interesting to figure out what to do if the BURM version is
>> significantly faster, but my gut says that won't be the case.
> Here is my opinion. All compilers are recursive. The BURM uses grammar 
> to create a tree walker.
> That reducer is traversing the tree from the leaf nodes up. What I 
> have written is a bottom down traverse.
> What I am saying is that every node it visits in the walker, the visit 
> method knows EXACTLY what nodes are going to be traversed and pushes 
> the recursion down into the specific node.
> The before and after strategies may add weight to how fast it's 
> traversing but if it was really an issue, we would get rid of them and 
> use the primary handler and do the before and after logic in the 
> visitor method.
> As you can see right now, the before and after handlers are for code 
> clarity and convenience.
> Like I said, I don't have enough experience to contribute to the BURM 
> impl with all that ABC stuff intermingled so I guess it will be 
> interesting if the prototype is a dog.
> Mike
>> -- 
>> Alex Harui
>> Flex SDK Team
>> Adobe Systems, Inc.

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