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From Daniel Wasilewski <>
Subject Re: [FalconJx] Prototype ActionScript -> JavaScript compiler code up in svn
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2012 11:37:32 GMT
Well, thanks for clarification.

And I love you keep AST abstract as it should be :)
Imagine in the future JS 2.0 will came out...

'goog' seems to be the reasonable way to go. I would be a bit concern 
about name-space implementation yet. is the major bottleneck. And currently not that 
different from haxe approach. Even after closure compiler heavy lifting 
it is still
a.b.c.d.e.f. It starts with "" as a string , so 
why not ns_orgApacheDataBlahFoo that will get complied to 'abcdef' ? 
Just an idea.

> That is why I took a week of MY time to get up in svn a valid 
> alternate cross compiler, I want to give people hope in a new 
> direction so it can galvanize a new effort.
And I am glad people like you are here. I can step in at some point but 
I am ridiculously busy at the moment... and towards the end of 2012 :(

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