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From Kevin Newman <>
Subject Re: ABC -> JS
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2012 19:37:35 GMT
On 12/6/12 1:57 PM, Frank Wienberg wrote:
> I like that idea. But still not all polyfills simulate the intended
> semantics 100%. The question remains that when we know certain semantics
> can't be done in a certain browser (like get / set on non-DOM-objects in
> IE8), should we refrain from using it and risk bad performance in all
> browsers?
Yeah I dug around a bit more after posting that, and it looks like 
indeed you can't emulate get/set in any 100% way (a path through 
VBScript comes close, but it has many other more important draw backs). 
The enumeration props can be set in IE8 and lower through a shim, but 
like you said, they don't do anything (they are still enumerable, etc.).

Bummer. The only realistic way to do it then would be the way MS handles 
it in TypeScript, where they have essentially an opt-in solution through 
a compile switch, and will output to either ES3 or ES5. Presumably, 
they'll add ES6 when it's ready.

Perhaps use the current Jangaroo solution for ES3 compile target, and a 
new solution for ES5.

On a tangent, what kind of problems would basing every AS3 class off a 
DOM Element in IE8 cause? (memory explosion and other performance problems?)

Kevin N.

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