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From Michael Schmalle <>
Subject Re: [FalconJx::TestGoogXYZ] Creating tests for emmitters
Date Fri, 28 Dec 2012 10:40:17 GMT

Quoting Erik de Bruin <>:

> Mike,
> While trying to stay out of your hair in the FalconJx code, I thought
> I might spend some time translating the tests you wrote for the AS
> output to tests for the JS + 'goog' output. I'm doing this by copying
> the AS tests, renaming them, converting them to subclasses of the AS
> tests and pointing them to the 'GoogBackend' (using the code from your
> test class).

The GoogBackend needs to be made a class, that was just a quick java  
inner class for the test. I will move it into the goog package I  
mention below.

> An observation: some methods of JSGoogEmitter rely on 'globals' like
> 'classDefinition', which are not set when the methods are called from
> the tests. I'm not very familiar with JUnit (or unit testing in
> general), so a little pointer on how to fix this would be much
> appreciated.

Actually, they are not really globals. They are reminiscent of the  
initial prototype and should be removed. I decided to use AST for any  
TypeNode quires since I wanted granular testing. Actually from what I  
remember, I'm really not using them because the AS tests wouldn't work  
if I was dependent on them.

Now looking at the code, yeah I refactored them out of the AS  
production code but I didn't get to the goog emitter, that was a copy  
and paste of some commented out code before the AS refactor.

> Meanwhile I'll put all the tests (with the 'assertOut' commented out)
> in a 'goog' package in 'org.apache.flex.js.internal.js.codegen'. Maybe
> we want to put the 'goog' Emitter classes of the compiler also in a
> 'goog' package, to increase the separation between them and other
> output types?

Right, I was getting to that as well. When I'm programming this type  
of stuff, sometimes its like lightning and I just want to get an idea  
out and not worry about the bookkeeping. :)

Probably;, I think the  
codgen should be more abstract js stuff in there.

I'm going to do one more refactor on the emitter and docemitter. I'm  
half way done. Then I will move some packages around like we said,  
things should be pretty stable from the stand point of where classes  
and interfaces go.

If I have a question I'll ask your opinion about placement.


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