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From Michael Schmalle <>
Subject Re: [FalconJx] It's early, but does it cross compile?
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2012 11:39:32 GMT

I'm going to put some time today into get a Test class setup for you  
and a JavaScript emitter. I will write a couple tests to show you what  
to do.

This will enable you to follow me as I keep implementing actionscript  
and you can change the AS to JS inside the JSEmitter. I think you will  
get the hang of it quick. I have tried to keep everything pretty  

The one very important rule right now is don't look at the conversion  
top down, look at it bottom up. Our first priority is getting terminal  
and leaf nodes spitting out JS first, then we work up to statements,  
then blocks, the members, the classes/interfaces ok?

So you will be focusing on expressions first, what dosn't need to be  
changed in the unit tests I have already written and what DOES need to  
be changed. You can also see if there are any expressions or  
statements working. This is very important for when we go to move  
forward that we have everything covered.


Quoting Michael Schmalle <>:

> Quoting Erik de Bruin <>:
>> Mike,
>> Got all 5 "Falcon" projects from SVN. I build Falcon and FalconJS
>> using ant on the command line (as per their respective READMEs). I've
>> loaded the 'compiler[.xx]' projects into Eclipse (Indigo on OS X).
>> Fixed some paths to get rid of the initial errors.
> Sounds good.
>> I was able to successfully run all 148 tests in 'compiler.jx.tests'
>> and those all passed (with 2 ignored?).
> Yes! This is golden for you, it means you are setup to create more  
> tests with me! Right now we are only using the Falcon compiler to  
> get IFileNodes.
>> I then created a Debug Configuration on 'compiler.jx', pointing it to
>> "org.apache.flex.compiler.clients.MXMLJSC" as the 'Main class' (I am
>> not very familiar with Java, but some tweaking and Googling seemed to
>> indicate this was what might work). On the 'Arguments' tab I just
>> entered "./tests/". Hitting "Debug" got me the error I
>> mentioned.
> Yeah, almost there but, there are a couple things missing. You will  
> be able to do this but will need to send a  
> -load-config="my/pat/flex-config.xml flag along with -library-path  
> pointing to the playerglobal.swc
> I did the following and it created the js file;
> -library-path=C:\Users\Work\Documents\libraries\dependencies\player\11.1\playerglobal.swc
> tests/
> The above in the compiler args for the run target.
> Remember, this is spitting out actions script right now, I have got  
> to the class/interface and package logic with emitting!
> With the above it spit out MainCode.js;
> public var foo:Stringprivate var bar:int = 0 function MainCode() {
> }public function get baz():String {
> }public function set baz(value:String):void {
> }
> As you can see this is right with a couple missing semicolons, class  
> and package block.
> Ask more questions about "what you want to test", I'll tell you how to do it.
> Mike
>> How did I do?
>> EdB
Michael Schmalle - Teoti Graphix, LLC

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