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From Michael Schmalle <>
Subject Re: [ASJS] Adjusting FalconJS output (no general discussion in this thread, please)
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2012 11:26:09 GMT

Quoting Erik de Bruin <>:

>>> [#Insert 'goog.requires()'; the equivalent of 'import' in AS]
>> We should take care to only generate goog.requires() for imports that are
>> requires is the equivalent of import. We just need import statements to
>> resolve not-fully-qualified identifiers, the dependencies have to
>> be tracked seperately.
> You are correct that calling it 'equivalent' has implications I didn't
> mean it to have. The 'goog.require' statements (the way we use them)
> help the Closure Builder figure out dependencies, which allow it to
> reach the maximum level of optimisation/minification. Only the fully
> qualified namespaces of classes actually referenced in the code should
> be 'required'.
> I therefor suggest that we shouldn't parse the 'imports' section of
> the AS class, but work from type information available during
> compilation, if there is such a thing...
> EdB

Ok, understood but for now, I AM going to add the imports explicitly  
declared as a writer implemented method. After we get the code  
"looking" right we can worry about actual "implications" of what is  


Michael Schmalle - Teoti Graphix, LLC

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