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From Dasa Paddock <>
Subject Re: [Discussion] Implementing a dedicated maven-flex-plugin
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2012 23:40:34 GMT
This is the repo that's been getting updates:

On Nov 7, 2012, at 3:32 PM, Om <> wrote:

> On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 3:29 PM, Eugene Krevenets (aka Hyzhak) <
>> wrote:
>> It's good news. Where you plan to share New Maven Plugin sources? As i
>> mentioned before, it's better be a github, because it's easy to pull
>> request to it. Thank you for your contribution to community.
> It would be best if the source code is directly contributed to the main
> Apache Flex repo.
> There is a github mirror for Apache Flex here:
> for those who are interested in using
> github.
> Thanks,
> Om
>> 07.11.2012, 20:32, "" <
>>> :
>>> Hi,
>>> as most of you probably know, I'm currently working on a tool to
>> generate Mavenized FDKs. In parallel I am adjusting Flexmojos to support
>> the new Apache FDKs so people can build Flex applications using Maven.
>>> So far so good. After finishing the Generator and adjusting Flexmojos to
>> all of my changes, the last step was to generate the 4.8 FDK using the
>> maven group id org.apache.flex instead of com.adobe.flex.
>>> Now this introduced MAJOR problems. Currently you could use Flexmojos
>> with 4.8, if you compile the entire Plugin against the group id of apache
>> or you could use the adobe fdks after compiling it against the adobe group
>> id.
>>> The main reason is that otherwise Maven imports two versions of the jars
>> (the one of the FDK you want and the one Flexmojos was compiled against).
>>> Sorting this out would be a total nightmare as there are really magical
>> hacks working inside the build which cause any change in the scopes of
>> dependencies to blow everything up.
>>> I guess this is because Flexmojos includes insanely much code for
>> supporting legacy FDKs (back to 2.0 FDKs) and a ton of different tools for
>> different parts of the build lifecycle.
>>> My question now would be if it would not be better to officially leave
>> Flexmojos to be compiled against com.adobe.flex and to include an option in
>> the generator to generate the Apache FDKs to the Adobe namespace and to let
>> users be happy with that and use it.
>>> In parallel I would volunteer to start work on a new plugin aimed at
>> apache flex, but leaving away support of the Adobe FDKs. I would suggest to
>> concentrate on the main path, supporting only apache fdks, only flexunit
>> 4.1 for unit-testing, only the newest granite code generator and so on. In
>> this case this should be a manageable task, even if it will take a while.
>> As soon as the Version 1.0 is out we could start extending this to support
>> more stuff our users would need. I think continuing to add more and more
>> code to Flexmojos will only make it an unmaintainable monster whith all the
>> problems comming from that.
>>> As I mentioned, I would volunteer to start such a thing and I think
>> using Flexmojos as an inspiration on how to possibly implement something
>> like that it should be manageable.
>>> What do you think?
>>> Chris
>> --
>> Best regards.
>> Eugene Krevenets. Software Engineer of Realaxy.
>> Blog:
>> Code:
>> linkedIn:

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