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From "Michael A. Labriola" <>
Subject RE: Randori framework [was Re: What to expect from FalconJS]
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2012 12:59:16 GMT
>* You say this could be C#/Java/AS and so on... I think you start in C# because you already
have that js cross-compiler. You thoughts are about making the same in different platform
versions in the end?.

That is the goal.

>* I understand that the final goal is that you end programming in your platform and don't
touch JS...all will be in C# (or Java, or AS, orHaxe,...)

Not true. There will be some JS because there are some things that should be JS. The goal
is to make the logic of your program in a language that is more appropriate but still use
JS libraries or create JS where it makes sense.

>* For me the browsers VM is a real problem. Each one is diferent and fragmentation is
a nightmare. In the end for me, in the past, all technologies wich is final product was HTML/JS
where off consideration since the final technology was bad. (i.e: Java Server Faces, JSP,

I think you need to re-evaluate as I believe you are wrong. The VM in the browsers is very
consistent and in many cases much faster than Flash. In many cases, it is much better. There
is some (minimal) fragmentation on the JavaScript virtual machine. There is A LOT of fragmentation
on how the browsers render HTML and CSS. All of these other technologies fail, IMO, as they
try to encapsulate the view and logic in one programming model. To me, the view logic needs
to be crafted for the browsers you care to use, but the logic should remain 100% consistent
across all of them.

* This approach seems to only take into account HTML/JS, and I think that it should have SWF,
and other output possibilities. 
>You can certainly do so. I personally don't care about the SWF format. 

For me HTML/JS would be powerful to be ok with people demanding HTML5, but having the "advanced"
solution to target Flash, mobile, etc...
> Again, you are free to do so. IMO, this is not the direction the world is moving.

* This is too new for me, but I'm learning how Haxe works and I see that they generates complete
native projects. So you develop in Haxe and the output is native ios, android, flash, HTML...and
so on. I think that your framework could fit very well in that space, what do you think?

>I hope so. I originally wrote the prototype of this framework in Haxe. I went to C# honestly
because I was targeting enterprises and the Microsoft tooling appealed to enterprises much
more than the tooling available for Haxe.


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