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From Carol Frampton <>
Subject Re: Planning for Git
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2012 15:46:59 GMT

On 11/22/12 10 :46AM, "Erik de Bruin" <> wrote:

>Since we can't indefinitely postpone the inevitable, I think we should
>start to plan for the move to Git. I think at least these points
>should be addressed (if they haven't already been, in which case they
>should be documented such that they can be easily referenced, e.g. on
>the Wiki):
>1) once Git becomes available, does SVN become unavailable right away,
>or will both repos be able to coexist for a while (both being able to
>receive updates and updating the other when they do)?

Will we lose access to all the SVN history?

>2) several committers are "on loan" from Adobe for a very specific
>goal (Peter and Gordon). Are they comfortable working with Git,
>willing and able (in that they have enough time available to do so) to
>learn Git, or would moving to Git mean that they are no longer able to

Peter Ent is on Apache Flex with Alex and I.

>5) is anyone aware of any technical issues with the codebase that are
>specifically tied to SVN that need changing when the move happens
>(can't think of any, but better safe than sorry)

It may be that one or more scripts rely on source files having native line
ending and binary files being made executable on OSX.  I don't know how
Git handles each of these but we can certainly modify the script(s) if
need be.


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