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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: FalconJS has landed
Date Sun, 25 Nov 2012 03:59:32 GMT

On 11/24/12 3:42 PM, "Daniel Wasilewski" <> wrote:

> And here is a little example of
> the very nature of this problem:
I must be missing something, but I don't see where the output code calls
> We don't know what future will bring, maybe they will go crazy and
> built-in jQuery interpreter in their browsers, or do more crazy things...
> I am not saying that current output is wrong, but did you consider
> different styles?
This is not my code or Gordon's.  Another engineer on another team put this
together very quickly.  I just made it appear to work before donation.  We
have no way of knowing what he did or did not consider, all we know is what
is in the code that was donated.
> Or at least have a choice to spit out a code in the
> way you can configure, specify some rules of AST?.
I think you can change the code there, but I don't see any config options
other than it appears to be able to hook into Jquery.
> Take a look at HaXe
> output for instance.
> I don't care if the output code is ugly and messy. What I do care about,
> is that this very code is the best performer. I am writing AS3/Flex code
> for clarity and speed of production, and what I expect is the best
> performance on the other side. No more slow downs and bloated stuff.
> Because it will only tell people, pick one of the native JS framework if
> you need to develop RIA application for HTML5. The last thing Flex need
> is reputation of over-bloated stuff on the future platform of the web.
> Do this the best way, or do this well enough otherwise don't do it at all.
Well, that is all in our control now.  I will say that there is a good
chance that the final output won't be the absolute fastest as we are
translating from AS to JS so there is likely to be some impedance mismatch

For example, it appears that the current code has chosen a fancier
inheritance scheme than the bare bones object.prototype pattern, potentially
to allow for class reflection kinds of stuff.  I'm not sure how much this
costs us and whether we truly have to have it.

I also noted the output code calls newObject in certain cases.  I'm not sure
if that is done for object pooling or memory management or for some other
reason.  The adobe.js file I checked in was written by me and only has
enough code in it to make my demo run.  I have no idea how much other
infrastructure was actually behind those calls.

>>> 2. adobe.extend / adobe.classes? shouldn't be apache?
>> Well, it shouldn't be "adobe", but I'm not sure what we should change it to.
> If apache sounds too general maybe just flex? Keep in mind that
> apache.flex.classes will destroy performance a bit, yeap that's what JS
> is about, shallow water ;)
I left it as "adobe" until we argue over what to call it and make a
> Dan

Alex Harui
Flex SDK Team
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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