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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: Planning for Git
Date Thu, 22 Nov 2012 21:42:12 GMT

On 11/22/12 10:26 AM, "Erik de Bruin" <> wrote:

>>> 2) several committers are "on loan" from Adobe for a very specific
>>> goal (Peter and Gordon). Are they comfortable working with Git,
>>> willing and able (in that they have enough time available to do so) to
>>> learn Git, or would moving to Git mean that they are no longer able to
>>> contribute?
>> I would be very surprised, and frankly disappointed, if they are unable to
>> make the switch. We are talking about very smart developers here, and its
>> not like switching from English to Japanese. Most of the common/every day
>> commands are the same and the new concepts are not that difficult to grasp.
>> Peter, Gordon, Alex and Carol are all extremely smart developers I am
>> confident they will be perfectly fine.
> Any claim that the transition will be effortless is plain wrong. There
> is a learning curve for each new tooling and from reading about it on
> the interweb, as well as from my own efforts trying to 'get' it, the
> curve for Git is rather steep. This means that if a developer is not
> familiar with Git, he/she will have to invest time to learn it to be
> able to contribute.
> In the case of Peter and Gordon the limited time they can spend on the
> project has a very specific goal and is part of their day job. So,
> what I'm saying is, do we want them to spend this time on (learning)
> Git, or do we want them to spend time on Mustella and Falcon?
Peter is currently full time.  He has all day to learn Git, and he will.
Gordon expressed a preference to not have to learn Git because it will slow
him down, but I'm sure he will.

The basic premise for Git is this:  Despite the fact that many of us who
know SVN will have to learn a new SCM, it is worth it because Git will
encourage more contributions and eventually more committers, growing Flex
and its community faster than staying on SVN.

So, Erik, you and I and others are being asked to "take one for the
community".  I promise I will grumble and complain until I get it down, but
I will and hopefully we will have a stronger code base and community in the

Alex Harui
Flex SDK Team
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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