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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: [POLL] - Must Flex 5 be a complete rewrite or can flex code base be re-architectured?
Date Fri, 16 Nov 2012 17:38:47 GMT

On 11/16/12 9:26 AM, "sébastien Paturel" <> wrote:

> Le 16/11/2012 17:53, Alex Harui a écrit :
>>   I still remain
>> convinced that once you force folks to rewrite their business logic in
>> another language, then they are more likely to review all of the
>> possibilities out there, and there are currently many, like Sencha,
>> PhoneGap/Cordova, going native for mobile
> But they are JS frameworks and native dev is not comparable to multi
> platform development.
Cordova is definitely about multi-platform.
> In fact i think that some flex users already made a switch to native dev
> because of the lack of visibility for flex future.
> I can't wait to ear about what you have to propose for the #2 objective.
> Maybe thats why you are more confident about the "keep AS3" solution.
> But your final objective is to get full backward compatibility at the end?
I don't think full backward-compatibility is a requirement, but IMO, it is
most important for the business logic and that's where it should be easiest
to transcode as it should have fewer platform dependencies.
> Because you are the one who convinced me that a full rewrite was
> inavitable, so if we don't have full compability at the end of the
> rewrite, why using AS3 is so important for third party code already
> existing?
Because I expect the major factor in deciding what to do with your existing
apps is about the cost of moving.  For sure, if you completely abandon Flex
you will have to rewrite all of your views and all of your business logic.
If I offered a solutions where you still had to rewrite your views but not
too much of your business logic, I think that would make it an attractive
> Do you think that trying to keep things like AS3 won't be paid by huge
> performances issues?
That's my hope.  Still needs to be proven.  IMO, the performance issues you
are hitting are due to the bad code in the framework, not AS3 itself.
That's why folks who do skip Flex and just write AS3 apps seem to have fewer
performance complaints.

Alex Harui
Flex SDK Team
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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