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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: [POLL] - Must Flex 5 be a complete rewrite or can flex code base be re-architectured?
Date Fri, 16 Nov 2012 16:53:57 GMT
It was nice to hear that some of you are still creating new apps or
modifying existing apps and Flash/AIR runs in enough places to satisfy you.
I hadn't heard that in quite a while.

My "mandate", which will be a year old in mid-December and could require
updating, and doesn't have to apply to anyone else in this project, is to do
two things:

1) fix important bugs so folks still working with Flex on Flash/AIR can get
their work done
2) provide a migration path off of Flash/AIR

I spent the first 11 months of Apache Flex getting donations in from Adobe
so we can execute on #1, and have spent this week on #2 trying to make sure
that the FalconJS code will actually generate something useful when it

There are other threads going on today about Haxe and AS4.  I still remain
convinced that once you force folks to rewrite their business logic in
another language, then they are more likely to review all of the
possibilities out there, and there are currently many, like Sencha,
PhoneGap/Cordova, going native for mobile, or even Mike Labriola's new
project that he presented at 360Min and uses C# which I hope he will provide
a link to.  Adobe was able to move folks from AS2 to AS3 because AS3 was
AS2-compatible and because it was a clearly better option since Flash was
faster than JS and truly ran everwhere.  This is not the case anymore, and
none of these other languages are going to be as AS3-compatible.

Anyway, I am awaiting management clearance to actually drop some code into
Apache SVN.  Then I will have something more tangible to discuss about how
to do #2.  But I will warn you now, my vision is radical, but the goal is to
maintain what I think of as the essence of Flex which matches well with
Joan's list, but also include AS3 as the glue code in the MXML.

But for now, I am hopeful we have enough energy in the community to execute
on both #1 and #2.  I don't think we have to choose one over the other.

Alex Harui
Flex SDK Team
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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