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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: Proposal for contributing code from GraniteDS
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2012 21:45:03 GMT
OK, I skimmed through the files.  Code-wise, it looks very nice, so thank
you for being willing to donate this work.

One thing that was bugging me as I was looking at the code is this: Did you
look at the Java code for the Java equivalents when writing your code, are
any portions of your code "substantial copies" of the Java sources, and if
so, does Java's source license allow you to leverage their code, and if so,
without attribution?  I would think there are BigDecimal equivalents in
other platforms as well so this must all be "ok", but I think we need to be

Some other questions:
1) Terminology/Names: I saw a reference to "Bean" in one of the files.  That
is also a Java concept, but is that term trademarked?  I think "JavaBean"
is, but I think it would be hard to trademark just "Bean".

2) Packaging:  All the packages are currently org.granite.*.  Do you have a
large body of users who will complain loudly if you change the package name?

3) I noticed FormValidator had a reference to mx.core.Container.  That ties
you to the "mx" project in SVN.  Does it work with Spark Form?

Anyway, based on your answers, we should have a brief discussion on the
destination folder and package names.  Then, I would ask you to do the

A) get the sources for Apache Flex
B) copy your code into the decided-upon folders
C) replace all headers with Apache headers
D) replace package names if necessary
E) (optional) create a build.xml in your folder and edit the main build
script so your code actually builds.

It is the zip of the sources in this final folder that should be the actual
files donated to Apache.  We won't pull it from GitHub.  You definitely have
the rights to change from GPL to ALv2.  There is plenty of precedence for

You may notice that the standard Apache header says that your copyrights are
in a NOTICE file.  This is an odd "gotcha" in the donation process.  You can
create your own file called NOTICE and move your copyrights there, but
really, your copyright has to end up in the central NOTICE file.  You can
opt to leave your copyright notice in the files for now and move them once
in Apache SVN if you want.  I think it is pretty much up to you.

Thanks again,

On 11/14/12 12:45 PM, "Franck Wolff" <> wrote:

> I agree: we are the copyright owners, there is no external contribution in
> that part of our code and we can freely choose the license (LGPL, Apache,
> commercial, etc.)
> You could certainly ask some legal guy at the ASF over this potential
> issue, but I'm pretty sure we have the right to change the license to
> whatever we want.
> Franck.
> 2012/11/14 Justin Mclean <>
>> Hi,
>> Only issue I see is the current license which  I believe is not compatible
>> with Apache. Given you own the software and can licence it how you see fit
>> I don't see this being an issue.
>> Thanks,
>> Justin

Alex Harui
Flex SDK Team
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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