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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: Proposal for contributing code from GraniteDS
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2012 16:34:12 GMT
Almost.  It will be more like this (1 & 2 & 3 run in parallel):

1. You fill out and sign all legal documents
2. Some of us will review the code (assuming the Github links are the actual
files you plan to donate).  If it looks ok, we will start the committer
approval process for you.  Takes a minimum of 3 business days.
3. We discuss where this code should land, the package names, whether it is
truly part of the SDK release or should have its own release schedule.
4. Once the software grant is recorded, someone can check the code into SVN.
That can be you, or it can be one of us, it should probably be you.
5. Once it is in, it gets another review as you/we make an Apache compatible
build script for it.  This means making sure there are no binaries, that the
headers are correct, that your copyrights (but not any third-party
copyrights) are moved to the NOTICES file (which must be done by you or with
your explicit permission).
6. Based on 3, all kinds of good stuff happens.

I would recommend that you take some time to peruse some of the ASF
documents about committers and how the ASF works.  That will explain why we
don't just hand out write-access to SVN and there is other stuff you may
need to know because you are planning on becoming a member of a legal entity
with certain by-laws, not just a social group on GitHub.

On 11/14/12 5:17 AM, "Franck Wolff" <> wrote:

> I do have the required authority to sign those documents.
> To summarize:
> 1. I fill out and sign all legal documents.
> 2. We wait for a confirmation from the Apache foundation (is it required?
> how long does it takes?)
> 3. You give me a read-write access to the SVN repository.
> 4. I commit our code somewhere (experimental? org.apache.flex?)
> 5. You (or we) update the build process so our code is bundled with the
> rest of the framework.
> 6. We let people test the new features, give their feedback, etc.
> Can you comment and confirm?
> FYI, here is the code on Github:
> ath
> eflect
> alidation
> Franck.
> 2012/11/13 Alex Harui <>
>> Yes, the ICLA is for you personally to make changes to code.  You will need
>> this to be allowed to modify the files once they land in Apache SVN.  The
>> CCLA says that your corporation understands that you are doing this work
>> and
>> is ok with Apache having license to use your changes.   And since the
>> copyright owner is GraniteDS, I think you really do need to do the software
>> grant and someone with the authority to sign legal documents for GraniteDS
>> will need to sign it.  For example, I cannot sign the software grants for
>> Adobe, and my manager has to hit up a VP that is two levels above him, and
>> even that VP checks in an SVP before signing the big grants.  But the CEO
>> generally isn't involved.
>> On 11/13/12 11:47 AM, "Franck Wolff" <> wrote:
>>> The copyright owner is GraniteDS. There is no need to retain any software
>>> revision history and there is no opened bug about this part of our code
>>> currently (or very very few, I didn't check).
>>> Do I still need to fill out [1] if the code is fully owned by GraniteDS?
>>> 2012/11/13 Alex Harui <>
>>>> On 11/13/12 11:17 AM, "Franck Wolff" <>
>> wrote:
>>>>> That's a 86 AS source files and 4 xml files piece of code (dont' ask
>>>> the
>>>>> number of lines). I don't know if it's a "lot of code" or no...
>>>>> There is no copyright issue about this code (we are the owners and
>> there
>>>> is
>>>>> no external contribution) and there is no dependencies on code outside
>> of
>>>>> the Flex framework.
>>>> Adobe has been making donations of that size via Software Grants.
>>  Also, is
>>>> the copyright owner people or a business like GraniteDS?
>>>> More questions: is there important source code revision history you
>> need to
>>>> retain?  Is there a significant set of bugs in an issue tracker that
>> needed
>>>> to be brought over as well?
>>>> I think steps are to file ICLAs [1], and a CCLA [2] if there is a
>> corporate
>>>> entity involved.  Then fill out the software grant [3].
>>>> [1]
>>>> [2]
>>>> [3]
>>>> --
>>>> Alex Harui
>>>> Flex SDK Team
>>>> Adobe Systems, Inc.
>> --
>> Alex Harui
>> Flex SDK Team
>> Adobe Systems, Inc.

Alex Harui
Flex SDK Team
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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