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From Alain Ekambi <>
Subject Re: Randori framework [was Re: What to expect from FalconJS]
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2012 13:09:33 GMT
What is the difference between this new Framework and something like GWT or
SharpKit ?

2012/11/19 Michael A. Labriola <>

> >* You say this could be C#/Java/AS and so on... I think you start in C#
> because you already have that js cross-compiler. You thoughts are about
> making the same in different platform versions in the end?.
> That is the goal.
> >* I understand that the final goal is that you end programming in your
> platform and don't touch JS...all will be in C# (or Java, or AS, orHaxe,...)
> Not true. There will be some JS because there are some things that should
> be JS. The goal is to make the logic of your program in a language that is
> more appropriate but still use JS libraries or create JS where it makes
> sense.
> >* For me the browsers VM is a real problem. Each one is diferent and
> fragmentation is a nightmare. In the end for me, in the past, all
> technologies wich is final product was HTML/JS where off consideration
> since the final technology was bad. (i.e: Java Server Faces, JSP, ...)
> I think you need to re-evaluate as I believe you are wrong. The VM in the
> browsers is very consistent and in many cases much faster than Flash. In
> many cases, it is much better. There is some (minimal) fragmentation on the
> JavaScript virtual machine. There is A LOT of fragmentation on how the
> browsers render HTML and CSS. All of these other technologies fail, IMO, as
> they try to encapsulate the view and logic in one programming model. To me,
> the view logic needs to be crafted for the browsers you care to use, but
> the logic should remain 100% consistent across all of them.
> * This approach seems to only take into account HTML/JS, and I think that
> it should have SWF, and other output possibilities.
> >You can certainly do so. I personally don't care about the SWF format.
> For me HTML/JS would be powerful to be ok with people demanding HTML5, but
> having the "advanced" solution to target Flash, mobile, etc...
> > Again, you are free to do so. IMO, this is not the direction the world
> is moving.
> * This is too new for me, but I'm learning how Haxe works and I see that
> they generates complete native projects. So you develop in Haxe and the
> output is native ios, android, flash, HTML...and so on. I think that your
> framework could fit very well in that space, what do you think?
> >I hope so. I originally wrote the prototype of this framework in Haxe. I
> went to C# honestly because I was targeting enterprises and the Microsoft
> tooling appealed to enterprises much more than the tooling available for
> Haxe.
> Mike

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