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From Omar Gonzalez <>
Subject Re: Rushing into Git
Date Thu, 22 Nov 2012 08:46:39 GMT
On Thu, Nov 22, 2012 at 12:35 AM, Erik de Bruin <> wrote:

> Omar,
> >> From the threads here and on the private list I get the feeling that
> >> at least one of our mentors has reservations about the legal standing
> >> of Git repos in relation to
> >
> >
> > Those concerns have been expressed before, during, and after the vote. It
> > obviously did not deter either the community or the PPMC.
> >
> Actually, looking closer at the results, the vote was split 8 - 8
> between moving to Git and keep using SVN (for now). Only, the way the
> vote was called fragmented the 'against Git' votes. Also of note is
> that ALL THREE of the mentors thought it wisest to stay with SVN (for
> now). But I don't want to redo the vote, I just don't want the project
> to rush into this without thinking about the "in real life"
> consequences.

Sorry but you are misrepresenting the vote results to support your argument.

The vote was for 3 options, as you can review here:

One option had 3 votes, a second option had 5 votes and the winning option
had 8, binding votes. You can't simply lump two losing options together to
formulate an argument against an option that you have a concern about to
revoke a vote that already happened.

Furthermore, I would hardly say that we are about to "rush into this
without thinking about the 'in real life' consequences". We voted for this
on 8/15, that was just over 3 months ago. To say we are rushing through the
changes is kind of ludicrous.

> > Infra to support Apache projects. I would not be so concerned.
> Well, I am concerned, and I have been since the time of the vote. But
> now I am PPMC and have a responsibility to point out things that might
> harm the project. Moving a project as complex as this to another SCM
> is not a trivial thing and what I'm reading is that a few very vocal
> people want this, but none of them is willing to volunteer with INFRA
> to support this. That worries me and I have yet to be convinced that
> this project can handle a move this big, at this time.
> EdB

You're right it is not a trivial thing, thus why we have taken our time
over the last few months to slowly move things over, starting with getting
GitHub mirrors in place and trying to find a volunteer for the GIt support.
I, as well as a few others, have expressed the desire to volunteer for this
position except I am not yet suited to be effective due to my lack of
knowledge as a Python developer. On any other front I am willing to spend
time on this. Regardless, making a move would still be weeks away being
that we would still have to make a request with Apache INFRA and then we
would have to wait for a response from them in order to start to formulate
a migration plan and schedule. This wouldn't happen over night, it would be
a weeks long process. Nobody is going to be 'rushing' into this, because
frankly, its not possible under the constraints that we have to run these
Apache projects under.


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