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From Frank Wienberg <>
Subject Re: [FalconJS] concepts
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2012 00:13:14 GMT
On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 12:51 AM, Daniel Wasilewski <>wrote:

> One question straight away after looking at your source code
> implementation.
> Why did you have to implement custom display list for AS3 itself?

Do you mean JooFlash? Well, Adobe still did not open-source the Flash
runtime, so we had to re-implement it. I wrote a tool that "screen-scraped"
the whole FlashPlayer 11 API from the HTML ASDoc and reverse-engineers it
into AS3 code -- of course API-only, and started to fill the gaps. As you
can see, it suffices for several games, Box2D and Open Flash Charts, but
not yet for Flex.

> Was my assumption correct? That you were trying to bridge a gaps? If so,
> how much effort it would be to do the same with mxml?
> Actually, I am currently working on MXML support for the Jangaroo
compiler. Another case of redoing Adobe's work! ;-)
But really, until now, we did not dare to dig into the Flex compiler code,
and what I read in this mailing list is not very encouraging, too.
Thus, so far, we kept our own compiler, which is much more light-weight and
controllable (at least for us), but of course lacks some important features
and is still not 100% compatible with mxmlc. However, we were able to take
quite complex AS3 projects and recompile them without changing a single
line of code, e.g. Open Flash
More about this in my upcoming answer to Michael.


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