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From "Eugene Krevenets (aka Hyzhak)" <>
Subject Re: Flex 5 in haxe
Date Fri, 16 Nov 2012 11:49:34 GMT
Excellent idea. 

Good news - If we going to do so, we just make our work more easy because going to create
new compiler for VMNext with Nicolas Cannasse.
But bad news - in this situation i think guys from Adobe doesn't help us with new compiler.

16.11.2012, 11:49, "Carlos Rovira" <>:
> Hi,
> as we were discussing yesterday, there's room to a new Flex framework
> written from scratch. As we don't want to rely in Adobe technologies
> anymore we were talking about haxe. We can make it now that work would be
> starting from zero.
> Haxe is a platform developed by Nicolas Canesse that made it's own
> community. Nicolas is a genius of compilers. People coming from Flash Open
> Source will remember MTASC compiler back in 2004-5. If you search and
> investigate you will found that haxe is very powerful and is "the great
> unknown technology".
> haxeNME is like Adobe AIR and seems to be more performant in iOS, and
> Android (see
> Supports as well Windows, Mac, Linux and BB.
> There's an haxe plugin for IntelliJ. But in my test it seems that only
> supports haxe and not NME yet.
> (Disclaimer: I'm to new to haxe and haxeNME and maybe I wrong making some
> statements here).
> - Haxe is OOP and is "one language to rule them all" philoshopy.
> - Haxe compiler is better that the set provided by Adobe (I'm referring to
> AS3 legacy compiler. Falcon is new technology and maybe this is not true. I
> does not have any info to make a comparision between falcon and haxe
> compiler).
> - Haxe language is more evolved (maybe even Adobe AS4 will copy things from
> haxe...)
> - Haxe support HTML5/JS out of the box (but it seems to be in beta status).
> - There's a Starling port in haxe.
> Regarding Flex: haxe compiler could bring to flex things like *metadata
> evolution* or *AOP*. Adobe compiler will never get that evolution since
> gamming is not focused in that kind of things...This is more likely to see
> in haxe if Flex 5 works than expect it from Adobe.
> Drawbacks:
> IDE: IntelliJ+haxe plugin. IntelliJ is the best option for Flex, and
> supports haxe, but I think haxeNME is not supported yet. But IntelliJ guys
> are behind the plugin, so things could evolve ok in this point.
> MXML: I think there's nothing like MXML in haxe today, and this is one of
> the key points in Flex. We would need to put the efforts of MXML in making
> it possible in haxe. We could talk with Nicolas Canesse about this
> possibility. Since Falcon has little support of MXML, I see we don't loose
> almost nothing.
> So my proposal is:
> * Start Flex 5 from scratch with haxe.
> * Use the Flex 4 API to model Flex 5 over haxe (as the first draft).
> * Start using Starling haxe library as the core displayobject API (to be
> able to target Stage3D/Workers in  Flash).
> * Make an UIComponent decoupled implementation based on composition over
> inheritance (here experience of Alex Harui and other will be very wellcome
> to start with a good foundation).
> Optional:
> * Take into account the SWF and HTML5 outputs in the first drafts.
> This would start as an experiment based on fun of coding, and we could see
> where it goes over time. If it gets momentum, people join the cause, and so
> on...
> --
> Carlos Rovira
> Director de Tecnología
> M: +34 607 22 60 05
> F:  +34 912 35 57 77

Best regards. 

Eugene Krevenets. Software Engineer of Realaxy.


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