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From Frederic Cox <>
Subject Re: Flex 5 in haxe
Date Fri, 16 Nov 2012 22:55:31 GMT
I expect more momentum in the coming months due to developers realizing, or marketeers realizing,
what HTML5 in practice means...

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

Op 16-nov.-2012 om 23:23 heeft Om <> het volgende geschreven:

> On Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 2:09 PM, Gordon Smith <> wrote:
>> I think that developers can continue to build good apps with AS3 and V11,
>> but I'm assuming -- perhaps wrongly -- that the demand for them is going to
>> decrease because companies see that Adobe is no longer investing many
>> resources in them. Hasn't demand already fallen off over the last year? Are
>> developers on this list still able to earn a living building new Flex apps,
>> or are you maintaining old ones?
> Where I work, I am building new Flex apps targetting web and mobile
> platforms.  There are other teams here that are either maintaining or
> building brand new Flex apps.  There was some talk about HTML5/JS till a
> few months after the Adobe announcement, but that was settled very quickly
> because no other technology comes close to Flex in terms of richness,
> maintainability and ease of use.
> Two points to note:
> 1.  More and more teams/developers are getting burnt by the promise of
> HTML5.
> 2.  Flex is still a very powerful brand.  It has taken some beating but is
> still standing strong.
> Lets not conflate the term "mature, tried and tested" with the term "old
> and aging"
> Thanks,
> Om
>> - Gordon
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>> From: Fréderic Cox []
>> Sent: Friday, November 16, 2012 2:01 PM
>> To:
>> Subject: Re: Flex 5 in haxe
>> I understand what you mean here but isn't that always going to be the
>> case. AS4 will go into maintenance mode, then AS5 etc.. What I don't
>> understand is why AS3 is not good enough for a Flex 5 version or even Flex
>> 6 which will export to multiple targets. Can you elaborate on that?
>> Output should be a invisible layer (JS, iOS, Android, SWF, .. Shouldn't
>> matter for the developer). I think most developers like Flex because of the
>> ease-of-use(binding,mxml), rapid development(OOP, components, ..) and
>> multiplatform (mobile, desktop, ..) and I don't see the need for AS4 there҆
>> but I'm not export on the subject (just eager to learn more about
>> it)
>> On 16/11/12 22:48, "Gordon Smith" <> wrote:
>>> The continued support is that AS3 and V11 and AIR-for-V11 aren't going
>>> away. But I think the idea is that they go into maintenance mode.
>>> They're not the technology of the future. Do you want to develop for an
>>> old, aging platform?

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