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From "" <>
Subject AW: Planning for Git
Date Fri, 23 Nov 2012 07:31:32 GMT
I did document the process of contributing to Flexmojos:
If/When we switch to GIT this might be a good starting point for a documentation of the Flex
Workflow, but I think it explains how stuff works.


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Von: Erik de Bruin [] 
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 22. November 2012 19:26
Betreff: Re: Planning for Git

>> 2) several committers are "on loan" from Adobe for a very specific 
>> goal (Peter and Gordon). Are they comfortable working with Git, 
>> willing and able (in that they have enough time available to do so) 
>> to learn Git, or would moving to Git mean that they are no longer 
>> able to contribute?
> I would be very surprised, and frankly disappointed, if they are 
> unable to make the switch. We are talking about very smart developers 
> here, and its not like switching from English to Japanese. Most of the 
> common/every day commands are the same and the new concepts are not that difficult to
> Peter, Gordon, Alex and Carol are all extremely smart developers I am 
> confident they will be perfectly fine.

Any claim that the transition will be effortless is plain wrong. There is a learning curve
for each new tooling and from reading about it on the interweb, as well as from my own efforts
trying to 'get' it, the curve for Git is rather steep. This means that if a developer is not
familiar with Git, he/she will have to invest time to learn it to be able to contribute.

In the case of Peter and Gordon the limited time they can spend on the project has a very
specific goal and is part of their day job. So, what I'm saying is, do we want them to spend
this time on (learning) Git, or do we want them to spend time on Mustella and Falcon?

Repeating that Git is easy to learn doesn't make it so. At least for me it doesn't seem to
come as easily as I hoped, the paradigm is just too different (i.e. more complicated) from
the 'centralised' version control I'm familiar with (SourceSafe, Perforce, SVN). If that disappoints
you, I'm sorry. As an average guy with average programming skills, I'm unlikely to be unique
in this, though.

The transition will (temporarily) lessen my ability to contribute to a project I care about,
so my current obsession with Git is now squarely aimed at making the transition as organised
and predictable as possible. If my insistence on clarity and focus, as well as documentation
and planning, irritates you, well, I guess that disappoints me.


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