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From "" <>
Subject AW: Who's a flex compiler-configuration pro on this list?
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2012 10:43:04 GMT
Hmmm I think this is the way Flexmojos used to work in the old days, but has since switched
to using the oem-compiler thingy ... don't 100% understand what that is into all details,
but as far as I understand, it's an API for directly communicating with the Compiler mainly
used by OEMs for creating IDEs and Tools utilizing Flex. 

I recall this had a great performance improvement over the command-line wrapping solution,
so this is more the way I am going to choose. Anyway ... the compiler is Java and so I would
like to instantiate it and communicate with it directly using some pre-defined API. 


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Von: Maxime Cowez [] 
Gesendet: Dienstag, 20. November 2012 11:35
An:; Yennick Trevels
Betreff: Re: Who's a flex compiler-configuration pro on this list?

Hi Christofer,

I would certainly not claim to be an expert in the matter, but I have gathered quite some
knowledge by contributing to GradleFx ( Much like FlexMojos is a Maven
plugin for compiling Flex apps, GradleFx is a Gradle ( plugin to achieve
the same goal.

It's open-source, so you're welcome to take a look at how we implemented things. I guess you
would especially be interested in the org.gradlefx.cli package (
We used Gradle's built-in ANT task executor to execute the compile command through Flex's
own ANT task.

The CommandLine Interface wrapping is fairly complete, but there are two things still missing:
- module support (see
- full AIR/mobile support (only partially implemented, also see

Feel free to ask questions if you think we can be of assistance.


On Tue, Nov 20, 2012 at 9:11 AM, <>

> Hi,
> As I mentioned in the "welcome" mail. My primary goal is to create a 
> maven plugin for compiling flex/air applications using maven.
> Now in Flexmojos the compiler mojo is the biggest beast and also that 
> having to deal with all the legacy stuff. Therefore I didn't want to 
> be to "inspired" by the Flexmojos counterpart, and thought that 
> someone here on the list could eventually be really fit in how to use 
> the compiler(s) programmatically (Without whipping up the content of a 
> commandline call and executing that using exec).
> I know there seem to be multiple ways to remote control the compiler, 
> unfortunately I don't quite know which approach is best.
> So any input here greatly appreciated :)
> Chris

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