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From Hordur Thordarson <>
Subject Re: Flex 5 in haxe
Date Sat, 17 Nov 2012 19:21:14 GMT
I'm not saying the future of Flex shouldn't be planned, it should.  I am however hoping that
the current, very funcitional solution isn't just dismissed asap because it might not be future
proof.  Most of the stuff we are discussing here isn't much more future proof than the Adobe
route with the exception of HTML/JS which will for sure be with us for a long time just because
of the industry push behind it.

I know perfectly well we will probably all end up in HTML/JS/CSS land one way or the other,
like it or not.  But I also think that it will take years to make a Flex version that works
as well in HTML/JS as the current AS3/MXML solution works in Flash player.  And there is also
a possibility, however remote you might consider it to be, that a huge effort is spent on
porting Flex to HTML/JS and then it becomes clear that because progress in browser land is
slow, that HTML/JS just doesn't give us the same quality framework we have today.

But this is all speculation and of course the group here must eventually make a decision one
way or the other of how to handle this.

On 17.11.2012, at 17:28, sébastien Paturel wrote:

> Thats dangerous bet...
> and even if " current Flex deployment scenario is viable for many more years" it may
be true, but for how long? 5 years? and next? given the big task it is to change this dependency,
it has to be prepared right now, and can't wait the end of that ultimatum...
> don't you think?
> Le 17/11/2012 18:23, Hordur Thordarson a écrit :
>> And they may well do just that, I obviously have no control over that.  I am just
taking at face value what they say their current strategy is and adding to that my reading
of the browser/mobile landscape, the future of browser plugins, etc, and adding all that up
my conclusion is that the current Flex deployment scenario is viable for many more years.
>> On 17.11.2012, at 16:30, Jeffry Houser wrote:
>>> On 11/17/2012 11:20 AM, Hordur Thordarson wrote:
>>>> That to me says that Flash player/AIR aren't going away, quite the opposite
in fact as Flash player/AIR (for mobile) are core components of Adobe's new gaming strategy
for building a business on top of Flash.
>>> But, many are afraid that Adobe may change their roadmap / goals with very little
>>> [Like a few weeks after a big Max Conference]
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