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From Kevin Newman <>
Subject Re: Flex 5 in haxe
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2012 17:28:48 GMT
The main problem is bigger than that. Adobe through it's marketing has 
told everyone that Flash is for Games. They have been actively working 
against the idea that Flash is about ubiquity (they could pick that up 
again, AIR fills the gap, but I don't see any signs they will).

That story is basically dead at Adobe, so it'll be hard to find 
customers for a platform that relies on that narrative. "You want me to 
build my business app on a gaming platform? No thanks."

Flex could still run with that narrative. A build once deploy everywhere 
RIA solution. I don't think the marketing will work if flex is tied to 
Adobe's gaming platform, especially while they are actively working 
against the ubiquity story (their evangelists have been actively warning 
against building non-gaming apps with Flash).

Flex would need a completely new and independent narrative to make it 
work. An additional open source thread could really go a long way to 
address the feeling of having been burned by the Adobe and their pivot 
to gaming exclusivity.

A port to HaXe addresses these issues, while maintaining support for 
legacy code bases.

Kevin N.

On 11/16/12 4:47 PM, jude wrote:
> The main problem is the unstable relation
> the player and AIR. It's not meant to run without it. We need everyone to
> know this is the best solution out there including our clients and tell
> them the problems.

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