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From sébastien Paturel <>
Subject Re: Flex 5 in haxe
Date Sat, 17 Nov 2012 17:53:22 GMT
again thats true only today and still for a little few years from now, 
just because HTML5 is not fully ready yet.
i really don't understand your optimism about flash runtimes, when even 
Adobe made a big shift to HTML5, and narrowed flash runtimes to a 
specific area.

i personnaly was still optimist, until Adobe shifted. Because i believed 
that the flash runtimes were still usefull and better choice against 
HTML5 for several years until JS evolved to something better and HTML5 
gain in performances.
i tought that Adobe could have managed a smooth transition from plugin 
world to HTML5 world by ouputing the previous swf, to the new runtime. 
And the flash platform, meaning tools and frameworks (including flex) 
would be very relevant in an HTML5 world with that output shift. I was 
hoping that pushed by the developpers, JS could have evolved to an OOP 
language quite close to what AS3 is today. (AS3 is by essence a 
proposition of a future of JS)

But Adobe did not chose this smooth path, so now im very pessimistic.

Le 17/11/2012 18:34, Hordur Thordarson a écrit :
> Yeah well Firefox is in a hole re the Flash plugin because they need it for video playback
(H264) which btw is driving a lot of web usage these days.
> I haven't been following the dev of the Chrome pepper stuff so I can't comment on that.
 I do use Flash in Chrome a lot though and haven't had any major problems.  But YMMV as always.
> As for the plugin architecture in the browser, it is allready mostly gone from mobile
browsers, but I don't think it will dissappear from desktop browsers any time soon because
there are still a lot of things the Flash plugin can do that the browsers can't and there
is also an enormous amount of software out there that requres the Flash plugin and developers
like are still adding more, just look at the activity in Flash based games running in the
browser (Zynga, Rovio and a bunch of others are still happily churning out Flash based games).
> On 17.11.2012, at 16:34, Omar Gonzalez wrote:
>> On Saturday, November 17, 2012, Hordur Thordarson wrote:
>>> But maybe I'm reading all this wrong or maybe I'm believing too much what
>>> I think I'm reading or maybe the people here advocating a HTML/JS strategy
>>> for Flex have been burned more by Adobe than I have.
>> Bingo!
>> Also, Adobe can say whatever they want about their plans for Flash Player
>> plugins. The truth is Firefox has at one point stated, from one of their
>> VPs, that they would love to just not have a plugin architecture at all and
>> basically tell Flash to go F itself. Microsoft tried that with Metro and
>> they got some backlash so they put it back in 'desktop' mode. Then we have
>> the Chrome pepper API, wow, wht a mess. It gets buggier and buggier with
>> time. What does this all say to me?  Plugin architecture has its days
>> numbered. You can shove your head in the sand and choose to ignore the
>> writing on the wall or you can start to strategize for a life without Flash
>> Player plugin. I choose to be prepared. Whether HTML5 is ready or not and
>> whether its more efficient to develop in or not that is where the industry
>> is heading.
>> -omar

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