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From sébastien Paturel <>
Subject Re: [POLL] - Must Flex 5 be a complete rewrite or can flex code base be re-architectured?
Date Fri, 16 Nov 2012 13:31:11 GMT
As Alex stated we dont need to be as full featured as flex 4 to be 
successfull in this path. And if first releases are good, it could bring 
more people to accelerate the dev
The question is does "working with what we have" has a future? Its great 
for maintenance mode, and keep it do what it does today, but can we 
consider a future, meaning a cross platform future with what we have today?

"wouldn't it be an entirely new project?"
IMO no, again it depends on what we consider the essence of flex is.And the API would be quite
the same.

"The unique concrete information we have is an email from Thibault 
warning about using Stage3D instead of DisplayObject."
We dont need more informations about VMNext and AS4 i think.
First even if its in AS3, the question of re architecturing still remains.
Second, we already know that the AS3 app will run on VMNext but any 
enhancements will occure only in AS4.
We still need to confirm how hard it is to port AS3 to AS4, but it seems 
quite a huge work according to people from this list who has access to 
the specs of AS4. and if the framework is ported to AS4, how can we 
target flash player 10 for example?

Again, if we could keep what we have and go ahead i'd be pleased too. 
And starting from scratch sounds like a waste and a step backward for me.
But when i read Alex answers about the current architecture, i must be 
more realistic.
Again, i know that Alex already gave a fairly try to break UIComponent 
and concluded that it was very hard, and starting over was much more easier.
It would be great if Alex could share this experience with more details.

Le 16/11/2012 13:58, Erik de Bruin a écrit :
> Unless we want to release Flex 5 somewhere in the next decade, if at all,
> my opinion is we work with what we have, which is a lot, and add/change
> what we need.
> Also, wouldn't a complete rewrite of the framework, compiler and client
> side (delivery) platforms be an entirely new project?
> EdB
> On Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 1:49 PM, sébastien Paturel
> <>wrote:
>> After several discussions about the difficulty to break UIComponent for
>> example, and the whole re-architecturing of flex SDK issue.
>> I'd like to launch this poll to see if there's a consensus about it.
>> So in your opinion flex SDk:
>> 1- Need a complete re write
>> 2- Can be re architectured from the current code base
>> Thanks

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